Peerte, one of the label bosses at Basserk is known for being very open with his emotions and feelings, often with a great deal of expression. This can be felt across his previous releases and various alter egos. Together with Peerte we decided to create a new 1 year long release series, each week a new track that expresses his mood for that week. The series is titled “Gemoed” (Dutch for mood), an opportunity to create anything he feels, without needing to fit in a category or genre. Over the course of the year you might get to know Peerte intimatley.

How to stay intone with the Gemoed series.
Weekly updates will be posted via Peerte Bandcamp & Soundcloud.
Monthly EPs will be given an official release by Basserk and made available on Spotify, Apple Music and all the other streaming services, and of course Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Weekly releases
Bandcamp/PeerteTrunt –
Soundcloud/PeerteTrunt – @peertetrunt
Soundcloud playlist –

Bandcamp/Basserk –
Soundcloud/Basserk – @basserk
Spotfiy –…S7QdWrtPx4BCE2BQBasserk

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